Wedding Receptions ROCK!

After all these years in the Live Sketch caricature business, I have seen it all — ya think?

Naaaaaahhhh… Not a chance, gang… I did this little item for a delightful couple in England (thanks to the internet, of course) for their wedding invitations and it was on display at the reception I believe. Never DID know what the CAT girls bit was about, but, hey, it’s their big day, so give them what they want, right?

Catty Bridesmaids??

The BMW Honeymoon image below was commissioned by the Elvis-guy pal in the background there…

He produced a CD with some joke songs he wrote for them and this was the CD cover. He and I met in Cincinnati to hand-deliver the original drawing and he got a copy of the CD to me down the line. This is SUCH a fun job!

Couple in car
Off to the Honeymoon!

BELOW — Wedding cake sketch paper

This item below was fun. If memory serves, I drew at their wedding back in 2005, then at the big Ten Year Anniversary as well. And someone sent me the sketches from the wedding so I could produce THIS for the drawing paper at the anniversary party. Seems correct, I think that musta been what happened.

Bride and groom
Piece of Cake…


This cool couple below had this produced ahead of time for their guests to sign — on the matboard around the art of course. Then I drew live to juice up the Reception and we all had a fabulous time. The neato thing about the live sketching is the Permanent Entertainment aspect. The drawings will be on someone’s wall for ten or twenty years, likely, and the wedding will come to mind any time someone notices the art. A nice little mini-billboard for the event.

The happy couple
Happy couple, Day ONE

Finally, they, that’s US! Diane and Denny, drawn for our wedding invitations. One of the VERY few items my mom seemed impressed with, of all the thousands of drawings I have showed her over the years…

Bride and groom wedding invitation caricature drawing
Basic BW Wedding Invitation, drawing of bride and groom — Diane and Dennis! This was my first drawing for a Wedding Invitation, back in the 1990’s