Have some Party Caricature Fun with drawings by Dennis!


Dennis Porter is a Super fast artist, a nice guy, fun,

and absolutely professional in every way.

His sketches have tremendous resemblances

with tasteful humorous touches where possible.


Price is per hour and can include

FREE imprinted drawing paper — your logo, website

or event name  (a wedding, graduation, Anniversary Party, perhaps?) 

can be on each sheet of paper. 

(Ask us how to get that Free.) 

Almost all these sketches get framed and displayed forever,

so that can be a very good thing.


Also each sketch gets a free clear acetate sleeve to protect it.

It can be viewed and enjoyed, but protected.

Your deposit will be deducted from the balance due of course. 

Party Caricature Fun for Dog People, too  (Fast As Two Minutes, each)



Well, Let us say that you need a bit of Party Caricature Fun at your

next event — maybe a party, wedding reception, trade show — so what do you do?

Just get in touch with Dennis or Diane to get the information you need,

including pricing, then discuss your preferred date and hours.

—  937-296-9757 or dennis@drawme.com


They will answer all your questions and also

will be happy to EMAIL that information to you.

The Party Info email includes other details

— like videos of Mr. Porter drawing live — and exact pricing.

The Fee is hourly, with any additional time

pro-rated. Partial hours OK.


A deposit is requested,

which deducts from your total at the end.


Then Dennis comes to your event,

THRILLS your guests —

and makes you look like a genius for hiring him.

They will LOVE their drawings!

References abundantly available. 


And Tips from your guests are never encouraged.

SETUP:  The artist needs three chairs

(away from loudspeakers please)

and room lighting. Small table OK, not essential.


If you need an additional artist

or other entertainer

— or if Dennis is not available —

we will schedule another professional

for your event.





Bride and groom caricatures


Dennis Porter is a VERY creative fellow,

an accomplished artist, writer and idea man.

He served honorably in the US Army

(Europe service, Top Secret Clearance) and

has worked as a newspaper editor, columnist and reporter

among other duties.

Devoted husband and father.


Along the way, Dennis has drawn illustrations

(books, magazines, newspapers, advertising),

comic strips, editorial cartoons,

courtroom TV sketches, coloring books,

and written several books.

He has drawn around 300,000 faces

in the Caricature business.


In their other business, Dennis develops new products

for industry at www.npdconcepts.com.


His wife Diane Butler was a Realtor® and nurse

and now has a

wheelchair full time due to MS.

Her sunny, joyful disposition is highly contagious;

you will absolutely LOVE planning your party

with Diane. Lots of laughs!


Both describe their marriage, family life

and art business as huge blessings.


Why Choose

Mr. Porter can draw with

amazing speed and resemblance,

and is chatty enough to keep your guests

relaxed and entertained.

Your prospective client will

leave your booth marveling at the

caricature gift

— such a personal item, and a really fun experience —

feeling terrific about stopping at your display,

and will remember your company

in a very good way. 

Fast and fun with super resemblances

Your company logo & contact info can be on each sketch

Trade show giveaways that pay off for years

Hourly rates – FREE to your prospects

Professional in every way



Dennis is one of the most

professional people you will ever meet.

Nice guy, personable, well dressed

and always fun.

You can count on Dennis and Diane

for guaranteed Party Caricature Fun!



You made the party and

everyone loved your talent. 

We will definitely think of you

for future events. Thank you!

More testimonials; click HERE


       Child’s Birthday Party?

LIVE Caricature Drawings — Fun at any Kid’s Birthday Party


Planning a Birthday Party for your child?


Let’s have some Party Caricature Fun at a

SAFE Kid’s Birthday Party!


Dennis is happy to comply with the CDC’s recommended safety standards

of remaining 6 feet away from guests and to wear a face covering

during your event. Please advise of your wishes.


Have LOTS of fun at a Kid’s Birthday

Party — a party they will NEVER forget!

Sample drawings of children


Samples of caricature drawing