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Where’s My KEYS??

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Where’s My KEYS??

So who’s driving anyhow?? I am a diehard gearhead, gang — I have loved cars my whole life as best I can remember…

I started driving at age 14 I think when my cousin Gale put me behind the wheel of her ’53 Ford station wagon and I drove — very slowly —  most of the way back from Williamsburg south to our hometown of Jellico, back in Tennessee. Highly illegal of course. Gale was a lot of fun. Here is a doctor I sketched recently.

Doc and Mercedes

It Gets Me To Work…

LOVE the car! I mean, the Car, not referring to my little sketch. These mid-fifties gullwing Mercedes are selling for unbelievable sums now, if you get an original, but frankly I want a reproduction. Apparently a number of cars that LOOK like this were made about ten years ago on Corvette platforms and some are still around.

Even THOSE go for upwards of a hundred grand, but that should be no problem for highly paid professionals like you or me, right? Hey, sure… From here to there I guess I will continue to get to my drawing gigs in my faithful old PT Cruiser…

PT Cruiser caricature

Mine is actually silver, but the red was easier to color in there, ya know??

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