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Where’s My KEYS??

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Where’s My KEYS??

So who’s driving anyhow?? I am a diehard gearhead, gang — I have loved cars my whole life as best I can remember…

I started driving at age 14 I think when my cousin Gale put me behind the wheel of her ’53 Ford station wagon and I drove — very slowly —  most of the way back from Williamsburg south to our hometown of Jellico, back in Tennessee. Highly illegal of course. Gale was a lot of fun. Here is a doctor I sketched recently.

Doc and Mercedes

It Gets Me To Work…

LOVE the car! I mean, the Car, not referring to my little sketch. These mid-fifties gullwing Mercedes are selling for unbelievable sums now, if you get an original, but frankly I want a reproduction. Apparently a number of cars that LOOK like this were made about ten years ago on Corvette platforms and some are still around.

Even THOSE go for upwards of a hundred grand, but that should be no problem for highly paid professionals like you or me, right? Hey, sure… From here to there I guess I will continue to get to my drawing gigs in my faithful old PT Cruiser…

In the meantime I sure enjoyed working on this Mercedes gullwing caricature drawing.

PT Cruiser caricature

Mine is actually silver, but the red was easier to color in there, ya know?? I ordered this back in 2000 when the PTs first came out — and it’s still my only new car. Diane has had several of course but this one was my specific choice. Still dig it, still just like new…