Wedding Reception Entertainment



 THRILL your Guests with Personal Gifts

they will NEVER forget — sketches

of themselves, done as Quickly

as Two Minutes a PersonAmazing resemblances. 

Terrific Wedding Reception

Entertainment * Great Fun that LASTS Forever

* Wedding Entertainment Party Ideas

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Bride and Groom at their Wedding

Happy Couple on their Big Day

Artist draws at Wedding Reception

Great shot! After the drawing of the Wedding Couple was done, Dennis took their photo (seen below) as a kind helper supported the Drawing Board 

Bride & Groom on wedding day enjoy Party Entertainment by Dennis Porter

Happy Bride & Groom enjoying a super Wedding Reception



Bride & Groom caricature at wedding reception, party entertainment fun with live caricatures by Dennis Porter

Bride & Groom caricature


Dear Dennis,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for
drawing at our wedding.

You were an absolute hit! 

Everyone raved about

how much they loved their drawings

and what a treat you were to be around,

even after hours (and hours!) of working…

The entire day was magical and you 

were the icing on the cake 

(wedding cake, that is).
Seth & Brandi T.

Seth & Brandi, wedding reception fun, party entertainment

Drawn in the sixth hour of live sketching — three minute caricature. Note imprint on drawing paper

ABOVE:  Seth & Brandi’s 4-min. sketch Caricature

(drawn in the SIXTH Hour Dennis sketched).
Notice their NAMES, imprinted at bottom of
sketch pad…
The COOLEST PART — The young couple
REPRODUCED their sketch, then
MAILED OUT 4-by-5-inch copies of it with their 
Thank-You cards — what a fabulous idea!!
(We scanned THAT and placed it
here for you to see.)
Dennis drew six straight hours
and everyone had a terrific time at
Seth & Brandi’s Wedding Reception —
Amazing Wedding Entertainment

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Wedding reception party entertainment, caricatures by Dennis Porter

Grandmothers having a fun moment at Wedding reception, drawn in the sixth hour of Dennis’ caricature work


Drawing of Grandmas enjoying Wedding reception party entertainment

Caricature of the Grandmothers; notice bride & groom imprint on drawing paper

These Young Ladies were the Grandmothers

at a Wedding — Dennis drew six

hours at that one, too…



Large color drawing of bride and groom

Guest Sign-In Board * Drawn from photos long before the Big Day, LARGE Color Drawing of Bride & Groom — Guests sign the MAT around the artwork


Produced in Dennis’ studio, these are large full color pieces
      drawn from photos, long before the big day.
The sketches can Be Sign-in-Boards at the Wedding or Reception venues.
      Guests often sign the matboard around the art to
          create unique mementos of the Wedding Day.
These also make fabulous SURPRISE Wedding Gifts 
          the couple will always remember!

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Below: Note signatures of guests on the matboard — memories forever




Drawing of bride and groom








































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