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Wedding Gifts They will KEEP

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Wedding Gifts They will KEEP

Couple drawn on imprinted paper

Planning a wedding is hard work! 

You already knew that, right? Sure thing. 

I have drawn quick-sketches at many, many weddings and at thousands of other events

over the years and along the way have often ended by drawing the

Beyond-Exhausted hosts, the Bride and Groom

at the wedding receptions. Your big day finally got here and it was VERY tiring! Absolutely. 


If I may, let me offer a couple of words of advice that might possibly help with your efforts. 


One, hire a wedding planner.

There are a lot of good people out there and you can turn almost all the big decisions over to their experienced judgment,

after they get the parameters established on your end.

One of our pals is Jean Neuhart at Weddings From The Heart and we hear she is wonderful to have in your corner. 


Two, let us help, too. 

I can draw your guests and they will be absolutely thrilled.

References abundantly available.


We can also imprint the drawing paper with the

date, names, your wedding theme — just let us know what you want.

That is  an option, FREE with 3+ hours. 


AND I can draw you both NOW, from photos, for a sketch something like this one, maybe —

Bride and groom caricature

(Her book title reads, COOL LAWYER HANDBOOK. Attorney lady, eh?)

These are usually about $300 or so, large and in color, as this was.

And if you place a Matboard around the drawing in a pastel color, your guests can SIGN the Mat.

You get a perfect memento of the wedding day. 


Okay, that’s my advice as your Big Day approaches.

Please advise if we can offer any more information.



Here are a few items you may NOT have considered — via the blog, “Wedding Receptions ROCK!”


And congratulations to you both, you will LOVE married life!

On a personal note —
Diane and I have been together more than thirty years and every day feels fresh and fabulous with her;
I am more than grateful to have such a wonderful little wife.



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Wedding reception entertainment, drawing quick sketches of guests at reception, also color drawing of bride and groom from photos before wedding date.

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