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WILD WEIRD Caricatures

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Like to shoot pool?

Like to shoot pool?

Caricature of golf loving guy

Caricature of golf-loving guy

Looking for something Different for a Surprise Gift ? As in, REALLY Different??

TERRIFIC Surprise Gift !!  Send us a photo of someone who needs an UNUSUAL Gift — and tell Dennis their interests — he will come up with a Surprise Gift they will NEVER Forget !! 

Looking for a really offbeat gift item? This should do the trick — a Caricature of that person, showing their interests in a way NO one has seen before. Nothing offensive or tasteless, of course, just a bit on the Wild Side. No worries, either — You will see rough sketches and have input all along the way. It’s a world of fun! And you end up with a truly Unique item, done just for you or your friend.

Please Call  937-238-6351

 Free rough sketches to get started!  Here are a few samples of Dennis’ creative ideas for caricatures — 


Card Player



Wild caricature of artist girl

Lemme Paint Ya a Picture…   Obviously we have an ARTIST here…

Caricature of Halloween girl

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!! This image was for a young lady who LOVES that time of year…


Caricature, Auntie Lynn crossword

Caricature, Auntie Lynn crossword

This lady LOVES her dogs, her gardening and her Crosswords — so here they are…  



Fisherman tool kit

Are they Biting??

As you can see, Mr. Flood is a Fishing Kind of Guy, so a special Tackle Box seemed appropriate…



Caricature of Christian Lady

Our Sermon Today

A devoutly religious lady here, so Dennis drew her caricature as if in a Stained-Glass window… 


Fisherman wild sketch

What Did Ya CATCH??

 And a rather weird one here!

Do you need a TRULY Unique gift item? Give us a call! 



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