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Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Trade Show Entertainment

LIVE Caricature Drawings — With YOUR LOGO & Contact Info

 Trade Show Entertainment  — Gifts Your Prospects Will KEEP

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Live caricatures as trade show entertainment pays off on all levels.

Your prospect traffic increases — the FUN goes way up — and your prospects

show the sketch to everyone, then frame it

showing YOUR LOGO on their wall — FOREVER.

What a Concept!!

Dennis Porter can draw caricatures as fast as two minutes per person

with terrific quality and personal touches — Sketches

your prospects will LOVE



  • Fast and fun with super resemblances

  • Your company logo & contact info on each sketch

  • Trade show giveaways that pay off for years

  • Hourly rates — FREE to your prospects

  • Professional in every way

937-296-9757 or 937-238-6351 (Text us) or

Caricature Artist setup to draw live

Artist Setup at Your Event

Imprinted Sketch paper for party entertainment

Your Logo & Contact info can be on Each Drawing — Now in COLOR !

Office Staff drawing

Office staff, quick sketch drawn live


Caricature quick sketches are a

super trade show entertainment idea.

Prospects will NOT walk away from your trade show booth,

they will be happy to wait in line to get fun, very personal gifts they will keep forever.

While they wait, your sales staff can comfortably speak with them and build relationships.

There is no loud entertainer to shout over, no music, no intrusion on

your very brief, VERY expensive moment with those potential customers.

Also, be sure to get your company logo and contact info on the sketch paper.

The drawings will be FRAMED on their walls Forever. Really!


With your Logo and contact info showing, the sketches

become tiny little billboards for you, and pay off for years to come.




Dennis is one of the most professional people you will ever meet.

Nice guy, personable, well dressed and always fun.

Mr. Porter can draw with amazing speed and resemblance, and

he is chatty enough to keep your guests entertained.

Your prospective client will leave marveling at the caricature gift from your booth,

feeling terrific about stopping at your display,

and will remember your company in a very good way.

Later that drawing with your Logo and contact info

will be framed and displayed for YEARS  to come…


References Abundantly Available

A few of our Clients and Friends include — 




Trade show graphic

How About Some Fun at Your Trade Show?

937-296-9757 or 937-238-6351 (Text us)

SUPER Trade Show Entertainment !!

Live caricatures at Trade Show

Live caricatures — Amazing Trade Show Entertainment

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