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Welcome to our SAY WHAT?? Page of Celebrity caricatures and their quotes on Here you will see a lot of VERY interesting people — most of whom you will recognize — alongside some of their fascinating quotes. Enjoy!     Dennis loves drawing celebrities and also interviewing them — and less well-known people —…
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Schedule THIS, Too!

A BIT OF ADVICE: Don’t WORK so hard, friends! We are going to get through this awful, awful year and roar back into real life very soon. Really, we will. Not soon enough, I admit. But, hey, try to RELAX a bit, please, please. Calm down, okay? I think we are all wound a bit…
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DETAILS — Get a Caricature Right Now

Mr. Porter will draw a sketch from your photos — maybe TODAY! 937-296-9757 No tags for this post.


Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment LIVE Caricature Drawings Weddings * Trade Shows * Birthdays 937-296-9757 or 937-238-6351 (Text us) or DIFFERENT RECEPTION FUN Dennis Porter has been quick sketching brides, grooms, family members and guests at wedding receptions for 40+ years. Caricatures are a gift your guests will never forget. Thrill your crowd with personal…
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