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An Interview with WHO??

Recently I was invited to discuss the caricature business with Jean Neuhart of Weddings From The Heart. Having admired her posts on Linkedin for some time, that was way flattering. The interview was just published and predictably enough, she did a terrific job. Thank you, Jeannie! Here’s the link, gang: Dennis Porter interview   Tags:…
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WHY Hire a Wedding Planner??

SO — As you get ideas together for your Big, Big Day — should you actually get help? If so, why? Why hire a Wedding Planner? (We do NOT offer this service, so the following is only our opinion for your best interests. We have no dog in this race, but we DO wish you…
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Fun Wedding Reception Entertainment LIVE Caricature Drawings Weddings * Trade Shows * Birthdays 937-296-9757 or 937-238-6351 (Text us) or UNIQUE FUN RECEPTION IDEA Dennis Porter has been quick sketching brides, grooms, family members and guests at wedding receptions for 40+ years. Caricatures are a gift your guests will never forget. Thrill your crowd with…
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