Drawing of family, caricatures

Kelly’s Heroes

When I was asked to draw a sort of different family sketch recently, it hit home. This was for the wife, Kelly, going in for surgery for breast cancer, requested by the devoted husband. Great guy who obviously adores his wife. He wanted a sketch of the whole crew for her to have as a morale booster during her difficult moments. After much discussion we ended up with this image — She loved it, I hear now. And tests done since are GOOD, the husband said. Fabulous! Since Diane has done so well since her breast cancer surgery and chemo, I wonder if it is more common now, having complete… Read More

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Planning a Trade Show Disaster?

There are a LOT of reasons why a given Trade Show is a money-sucking waste of time, but among those are some items Within Your Control. So that’s a good thing. Here are a few things to mix into your planning to help create a Trade Show success. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP: Where? From your Best Clients. Yes! Early on in your planning process, contact your top dozen or so customers and ask these vital questions: What was their decision point on choosing your company? What is the best thing about your product or service? How does your product or service help their business? What trade shows do they usually attend? Which exhibits really got their attention? Clearly… Read More

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