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Covid Fixit — Try THIS!

You have skills, goods, services you can offer to shops that can use them.

Interview: Caricature Artist Dennis Porter

Caricature artist interview — a brief and fun discussion with Christina Wald of the Cincinnati Illustrator’s group, some time back… It’s weird to BE interviewed after all these thousands of live events, drawing in retail venues and otherwise sketching someone face to face, because the focus is always the other way — I tend to…
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Trade Show? Plan NOW…

Tips on planning your next trade show, mistakes to avoid

Fun Drawings, Live or From Photos

Above is a young doctor going in to research, already serving in the US military– wow, what an ambitious young lady! Rock on there, doc, and thanks for your service! (This was drawn from photos, likely a surprise gift, done with input on her interests to make the sketch more personal…) LIVE drawing! This young…
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Cute couple, Brietling biker

This young couple were drawn at a Procter & Gamble event and were hilarious, lots of laughs during their four-minute sketch. You have to appreciate good company, even if you just have a short time together, right? This gentleman was just graduating medical school and LOVED his bike and way-upscale watches. Me, I am FAR…
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How about something COMPLETELY Different?? Dennis can take your photo (clear headshot will work) and place it on a cartoon body of your choosing… Picture yourself as a SUPERMODEL! Or a BODYBUILDER! 937-238-6351   No tags for this post.


  ‘s’s Your LOGO Can Be on the Drawing Paper! Imprinted sketch pad — a fun option PERFECT for business parties. Have your LOGO on each drawing, imprinted on your own custom sketch paper, just for your event — your WEB SITE, PHONE, Email; almost ANY text, image, logo can be on your Imprinted Drawing…
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Artist’s blog, wife’s wheelchair life   Party entertainment ideas, too   BLOGS about the Fun and frantic life of artist Dennis Porter — and fabulous little wife & office manager Diane Butler — as seen through  BLOG write-ups.    Wife Diane has MS and is in a wheelchair every waking moment — but amazingly…
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Celebrity Caricature Drawings!    (Plus a few OTHER images, too)  Here are a few well-known faces drawn by Dennis Porter, almost all of them interesting people with compelling backstories. As a general rule, Dennis chooses subjects that he likes — that’s more fun than producing harsh drawings of unpleasant types such as corrupt politicians. There…
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— With Profound Apologies to Norman Rockwell — Artist DENNIS PORTER —  Artist Dennis Porter has drawn well over 300,000 faces (and counting), entertaining with live quick-sketches at thousands of parties, trade shows and other functions in more than forty years as a professional caricature artist. Porter served honorably in the US Army and has…
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