Need Some KID’S BIRTHDAY PARTY Entertainment ?

LIVE Caricature Drawings — Super Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainment

Birthday Parties * Trade Shows * Weddings

Planning a Birthday Party for your child?  Fabulous!  This is SAFE  and FUN Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainment!

I am happy to comply with the CDC’s recommended safety standards

of remaining 6 feet away from guests and to wear a face covering during your event if you wish.

We can have LOTS of fun safely at your child’s Birthday Party — a party the kids will NEVER forget!

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Little boy as Superman

Need a bit of Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainment?

Dennis loves children’s events.

Drawing fun, excited kids while entertaining & joking around with them is an absolute joy for him.

Having a caricature artist at your party is a terrific idea to entertain guests of any age.

Caricature portraits at a kid’s birthday party are sure to leave a lasting impression

and help your guests remember your WAY fun party!


Dennis can usually get a laugh and a little conversation out of almost any child. 

If they are not comfortable — he chats with the parents while doing that child’s sketch. Of course!

But if the youngster seems okay with it, he gently asks them about their age, their interests, 

jokes a bit with them, asks what they like to do and their

plans later in life — and soon they relax and enjoy the moment.

Dennis truly loves his job and can put a smile on almost anyone’s face through his caricature art

and gentle personality.

Call today for some super fun at that Kid’s Birthday Party!

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Looking for something special to give as a gift for a birthday?

Dennis loves the chance to work on studio pieces.

Tell us your idea by calling or by writing us an email (info below),

we’ll consult with you to make sure the caricature portrait

is just what you want for that special gift.

First, Dennis will ask for your ideas, then sketch up a quick pencil layout

after speaking with you about the subject’s interests and personality —  then

email that sketch to you; all at no charge.


Then, after your approval, Dennis asks prepayment,

then works up a final copy in color or black and white.

Prices vary based on size and detail, so each project is quoted specifically.

Studio work can be a true treasure and is great kid’s birthday party fun.

Have an idea already in mind and a good picture you’d like us to draw?

Email Dennis your ideas with photos attached and he will reply promptly.

Great fun that will last for years!

937-296-9757    or    937-238-6351 (OK to Text us)    or



Dennis will only need normal room lighting, 

away from loudspeakers

and two or three chairs, one for the artist,

one or two for the people being drawn.



Dennis is terrific at handling a crowd, keeping almost everyone happy and entertained

Groups can be drawn together; from two or three kids at a birthday party to entire teams

Dennis is great at putting together a unique group caricature portrait

that will be framed and admired for years;

this is super fun for a Kid’s Birthday Party — a drawing with pals, or just by themselves

Actual Two-Minutes a Person drawings, using Three Pens. Fast & Fun!

Children with their drawings at wedding reception

This brother and sister were sketched live at a wedding reception


Caricatures are Fun at Any Age

young mother with her sons, drawn live

Mom and the boys were sketched at a fun event


Photo of young mom and child,  drawn at fundraising event
Hey mom, that’s US !!

Beautiful young mom and child, drawn at fundraising event


BELOW: Dennis created this format, which works the child’s NAME into the background

with full body action up front — a smash hit every time… 

JAIDYN was drawn live, in about four minutes…


Drawing of child with name

Draw me with my Name!

This format is also available from your PHOTOS…

Name in Drawing, BW, no background

(One person only in this format. Contact us for info on group drawings)




Studio art makes a great surprise present for kids of all ages! 

Tell Dennis about the subject’s favorite interests and let him take it from there —



937-238-6351 (You can also Text us)  * 937-296-9757


Caricature with Harry Potter theme

Wizard caricature! With apologies to JK Rowling!


Tell us YOUR idea for that special drawing — Call or email Today





BELOW: Our basic $20 item. This is 8.5×11”  BW, no background, face only.

Drawing of children from your photos -- $20 a person; we pay postage!



BELOW: Face only, 8.5×11” BW with black background, $25.


Child's drawing, full color, no background. She LOVES soccer!


ABOVE:  Drawn from photos, Caricature of child playing soccer

937-296-9757 or 937-238-6351 (Text us) or



Having worked in the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky area for 40+ years, Dennis is very familiar with the following areas and will travel: 

 -Dayton, OH  -Beavercreek, OH  -Kettering, OH   -Centerville, OH   -Oakwood, OH   -Cincinnati, OH   -Blue Ash, OH   -Columbus, OH   -Covington, KY  -Florence, KY   -Newport, KY   -Bellbrook, OH   -Springboro, OH   -Mason, OH   -Kenwood, OH   -Fairfield, OH   -Xenia, OH   -West Chester, OH   -Montgomery, OH    -Dublin, OH