Thank you so much for your hard work and time,

we are very happy with the pictures, they are amazing.

We appreciate how fast you got them to us and will

definitely keep your information for any other work

we want done and recommend you to anyone else

who may want some pictures, thank you again.
Crystal B.



Caricatures of Classic cars at Lane Motor Museum, Nashville

ABOVE — the  Lane Motor Museum  in Nashville, Tennessee contacted us to create a

surprise drawing for the CEO —  the gentleman you see up above,

with fabulous wife, in the green MG — 

We had great reviews on this drawing on a number of levels!


BELOW: The final drawing, framed, seen at the museum

ABOVE:  Dennis, checking out the framed final art in lobby at Lane Motor Museum.



BELOW:  A sweet note from a client from

more than twenty years ago popped up,

in connection with this project.

Another Quick-Sketch Party Testimonial;

our thanks to Donna!


One last note on the Lane Motor Museum experience —

When Diane and I were in Nashville, driving her wheelchair-ramp van,

a lady in traffic saw our van and wrote down our number and website. 

Then called us and booked a wedding here in Dayton, Ohio!

How cool is THAT?? Ha!

Van with promo lettering
A Rolling Billboard?




We were asked recently to produce some award items for

high school seniors on a bowling team.

This is what they asked Dennis to do —

Caricature on bowling pin



Bowling pin art '14 In progress

Yes! Caricatures on bowling pins! 

Never seen THIS done before!  Here is the final —

Bowling pin art '14 The Five

Our friend Jen’s idea, and a really cute concept, eh? 

Caricature drawings on bowling pins

Their nicknames are at bottom. School name and year on back. Other sketches are on fronts!!

Our thanks to Jen for calling on us for such a

way-cool project. Here is what she wrote later:

“Dear Dennis,
The seniors loved them.
I passed out all the cards you gave me.
We will definitely recommend you to others.
I look forward to working with you again.
You are such a sweet person,
and the drawings were amazing.
Thanks again for everything,”



BELOW: One of the many, many Quick-Sketch Party Testimonials we have received —


Hello Dennis-

Thank you So Much for your Amazing Caricatures Saturday night!  

Our Guests LOVED them and have been posting them to

Facebook with your Website,

Thank you!!

Hope H.

Photo of young couple

Nice, Fun Young Couple, four minute sketch

Quick-Sketch Artist Reviews, Testimonials