Party guests drawn into imprinted Mustang image

Sketch padsImprinted sketch pad
— a fun option

PERFECT for business parties. Have your LOGO on each drawing, imprinted on your own custom sketch paper, just for

your event — your WEB SITE, PHONE, Email; almost ANY text, image, logo can be on your Imprinted Drawing Paper


In black and white, or (a little extra cost) for COLOR


An EXCELLENT IDEA, since virtually ALL these drawings will be Framed and Displayed for Years To Come — Free Advertising


Seen here, sketch paper for Megan & Zach’s wedding, with their DRAWING…

Wedding sketch pad, sketch

Couple, at friends wedding


Bride and groom

Piece of Cake…


Hoeting sketch pad_edited-1

Sketch paper for Hoeting Realtors. Fun group



Logo for Alvetro orthodontics

Logo for Alvetro orthodontics




BLANK Dragons baseball image, with room for man OR woman to be sketched in…


Almost anything you wish can be on your sketch paper

YOU ARE IN CONTROL — You will see your sketch pad imprint before production 

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