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Heartbreaker Call Back

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Heartbreaker Call Back

Caricature of four young ladies

A letter we received today from a former client was flattering, kind and lucrative.

And broke our hearts.

I drew at an event at this sweet lady’s home north of here, way back in December of 1986. And apparently did well. She said lovely things in today’s letter about that evening and how glad she was to find my info online recently. And now wishes to book me for October 30 for her birthday, a big number, too.  But this is a birthday party — which may not take place. She wrote, “Hopefully I will still be here…”  

Leukemia, very aggressive, recent diagnosis. No symptoms yet.

Sitting at my desk, reading that — made our problems melt away for a bit. 

So.  I am going to be there, young lady, and so will you. This party is going to happen.

More on this as things evolve here.