Get a VERY personal Surprise Gift item — Just email YOUR PHOTOS of the person (clear headshots are best) and some ideas on that person’s INTERESTS or PLANS (“loves fishing,” for instance — or retiring or going to another job? Do tell!). Dennis will come up with some SUPER ideas for a unique drawing that will mean the world to your friend. You get to see rough pencil layouts before any commitment on your part, too, so No Worries… Get one for yourself! Have a drawing of yourself done with that fabulous car, or as a Body-Beautiful Model, as a Rock Star — You Name It! Dennis can come up with terrific ideas you will love.

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SAMPLE ARTWORK:  Below are three levels of artwork from a surprise drawing for a young artist — who LOVES Ninjas! — submitted by his proud mom. First Dennis sent the suggested layout in pencil, as you can see here…  First the pencil rough…. Then the ink version… Then final color. We hear he liked it! Send us your photos today!Ninja rough layoutNinja BWNinja mailerNinja guy Color Below we see a Suprise Gift of a Retirement Drawing for a surgeon who worked with a local university. His friends emailed photos of him and provided input on his plans to sail away.      

wsu doc pencil

wsu doc bw
This is the ink version
wsu doc color final
— And this is the full-color Final Art

We have to quote prices since each of these projects is by nature unique. Please email today with your ideas and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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Surprise Gifts, caricatures from photos — always a big hit!  Here is the usual process for getting a drawing done from a photograph. First the client and I discuss what is needed, via email or telephone or in person, and get a rough idea of what it will look like and likely will cost. Then I get a photograph to draw from, like this one:drawings_headshot2   Then I work up a pencil layout that seems fun, send that over for your review. In this case, it was this fellow out hunting deer… drawings_treeline     When that is approved  we ask prepayment, since this is custom art. So we receive a credit card payment, or wait for a check, get that resolved.   Then I can go to the final ink and color stage, which is the most fun of course. Finally we get the drawing to the client (maybe YOU!), via email, US Postal Service or other method. Here’s the final art on this project: drawings_treeline_full Fun surprise gifts — caricature drawings from your photos! An amusing, highly personal gift your friend will never throw away.