Draw KIDS??

(Below is a repost of a blog I did in 2008, with an update or two…)

“Can you draw KIDS??? I mean LITTLE kids??”

Sure, I said. No problem. The event in question was planned as a sort of thank-you party at a daycare center, being discussed some time back. I would draw the children and the parents would get the sketches to keep. Hey, that’s fun. Of course I can draw children. No problem.

And it’s not. At least not now. Lots of artists hate those events, since the ugly truth is this: Kids are Hard to Draw! They all look alike. At least to a point — big head, big eyes, small nose, small chin, no beards… You know? And most really young children will not sit still, won’t look at you, maybe are tired and screaming if you’re lucky.

So lots of quick sketch artists dread these parties. And I understand that.

But back to my story. 

It’s not a problem now because it’s been so many years for me, sketching like this. I have drawn more than 250,000 people by my estimation over almost forty years. The good part is, it gets easier, at least for me. I love it more all the time, and, hey, it was Fun the FIRST time! What a job, eh?

So this morning I zoomed over to a daycare center not too far away and drew maybe thirty children and several teachers. I used a layout that I thought up some years ago. I have attached one here.

It works the name into the art, as you can see. Fun for everybody and still pretty quick. Maybe four minutes, depending on the action shown (and the complexity of the hair). 

By comparison, my grownup drawings — face and collar only — are usually done in less than two minutes with what I hear is an amazing level of resemblance. In time past it was hard to get that kind of review drawing anyone. Now I hear fabulous comments with almost every sketch, which is really nice — and deeply appreciated, of course.

These days I enjoy drawing children as much as grownups. Although goofy looking guys (like me!) are still the most fun subjects of all. After all, I have to make the kids cute, and the ladies (of any age) attractive. Guys are fair game. More on that in a future blog.

And I encouraged the staff at the center to make copies of the drawings. Keep some for themselves and post them at the center, and give copies to the children — to color. I hope they are careful with the original drawings; little kids love to color on that good paper.

So — the answer was, and is, I can draw children. It’s all good fun, and pretty much a good thing for almost any age. I am WAY grateful for my little business. And grateful to you for reading my thoughts here…

In the meantime, let’s try to enjoy this surprisingly decent winter weather!!

Name in the Drawing; note letter on her shirt

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