Unique Surprise Gifts

Got a project? Wild ideas for custom drawings?

OR maybe you NEED a Wild Idea for one or two unique Surprise Gifts??

Dennis can do that for you, just get in touch and we will take care of you…


BELOW:    For a going-away gift, this fellow’s pals told us he liked beer, wild beach clothing and was an aging hippie, so we came up with this… The comment text was added digitally later, of course.

Caricature of Hippie Guy

BELOW:    DOOR DRAWING — Teacher had this sketch done to fill the entire DOOR to his classroom —

Caricature of teacher filling entire classroom door

BELOW:  Creative caricature of a lady named Auntie Lynn,

she loves crosswords, gardening and her dogs…

Creative caricature of lady who loves crosswords, gardening and her dogs...



BELOW: Custom drawing of classic cars at

Lane Motor Museum, Nashville,

for their Tenth Anniversary

And NOW the museum has asked Dennis  to do a similar drawing

in honor of their Twentieth Anniversary. Cool, eh?

Caricatures of Classic cars at Lane Motor Museum, Nashville

Caricature of skiing man

And for that SPORTS person, a caricature  — or a PHOTO-caricature ?? Photo cartoon sketch of golfer struggling to hit

Baseball team drawn in CACTUS format




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