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Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

City Cartoon Maps

Dennis can produce city cartoon maps to promote your local businesses, educate the public or amuse your readers. Advertisers LOVE getting their locations pinpointed in such a friendly, visually fun manner. Let’s discuss your area and the options for your Cartoon Map project. Please get in touch!


RUNNER MAP, below, shows runners the planned course for a charity Five-Mile Run —

Miamisburg, Ohio, “Turkey Trot” city cartoon map, showing runners their course 

Cartoon City Map, Turkey Trot Race

Runners find their way via this custom map drawn by Dennis

DP- City map Columbus Large

City Cartoon Map of Columbus, Ohio

The original is really large. This was a time-intensive project, the inking alone was fifteen hours

Dayton City Map

Cartoon map of Dayton, Ohio

This project was a Treasure Map for an area radio station, with sponsor Jiffy Lube helping out… Great fun, drawing all that intense detail…

Please contact us to see high-resolution versions of any of these images.

Jerusalem, Israel, a section of downtown focusing on Independence Park
NORTH is to our Left, per client instruction
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