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Superhero drawing birthday
Who knows what they want to be when they grow up?     This young fellow does, so here he goes, up, up and away…
 A fun party gift for the party guests too!


Kid’s birthday parties are one of Dennis’ favorite types of events.

Having a caricature artist is a terrific idea to entertain guests regardless of their ages.

Live caricature portraits at a kid’s birthday party are sure to help your guests remember the fun party you held for your child.

Dennis can almost always get a laugh and a little conversation, even with the most shy kids.

He gently asks about their interests, joking with them, asking kids what they like to do, what they want to study helps them relax.

Dennis truly loves his job and the ability to put smiles on everyone’s faces through his caricatures. Great fun for everyone!

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Looking for something special for a birthday gift?

Dennis loves to work on studio drawings.

Tell us your idea by calling or by writing an email (below), we’ll consult with you to make sure the caricature is just what you want for that special gift.

First, Dennis will ask for photos, then he will sketch up a (free) concept after speaking with you about the subject’s interests and personality.

When everything looks good, after approval from you, we will ask prepayment.

Then Dennis works up final art in color or black and white that is sure to please.

Prices vary based on size and detail, so please get in touch.

Studio work can be a true treasure and makes for super kid’s birthday party fun.

Do you have an idea in mind and a good picture you’d like us to draw?

Email Dennis your ideas with photos attached and he will be sure to reply promptly.

Caricatures Child Custom Name

Personalized name drawings, like Alijah’s, are multifunctional. Wall art, name plate, book cover — the creativity doesn’t stop when the party does.

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Cameras aren’t the only thing that are great at capturing large groups. Whether studio or live, Dennis is great at handling a crowd. Groups can be drawn together; from two to three kids at a birthday party, to entire sports teams, Dennis is great at putting together a unique group caricature portrait that is sure to to be remembered.

Children with their drawings at wedding receptionBr

Photo of young mom and child, drawn at fundraising event
Hey mom, that’s US !!
Family drawn together in caricature sketch
Family of four at picnic
Ninja artist drawn by caricature artist from pics
Young Ninja-in-Training who LOVES to DRAW; gift to him from mom — drawn from photos

Above, drawing from photo: This young man Wants to be a Ninja, and Loves to DRAW…


Dennis created this format, which works the child’s NAME into the background

with full body action up front — a smash hit every time…

Drawings of ANGELA and REESE below (four – five minutes each).

Character Caricature Name
Fun piece to match an equally cute, and energetic, young girl.
Ballet Dancer drawing
Similar Drawing; another Ballerina

This format is also available from your PHOTOS… Name in Drawing, BW, no background (One person only in this format. Info on group drawings below)




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Terrific child birthday party idea, they will LOVE their own face in a drawing * Party Entertainment Dayton, Ohio

Caricature with Harry Potter theme

Minimal background, but lots of detail in this large color drawing with name.

Tell us YOUR idea for that special drawing — Call or email us Today

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BELOW: Our basic $20 item. This is 8.5×11”, BW, no background, face only.

BW line drawing caricature of face

BELOW: Face only, 8.5×11” BW with black background, $25.

Background Black White Drawing
Black and white and simple, for a straight-forward and easy reminder of that time he hit a home run.
Sports Color Portrait
Extra-special, full-body, and in color is the best way to remember fun times.

ABOVE: Caricature, full body color, child playing soccer, no background

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