Celebrity Caricature Drawings! (Plus a few OTHER images, too) Here are a few well-known faces drawn by Dennis Porter, almost all of them interesting people with compelling backstories.

As a general rule, Dennis chooses subjects that he likes — that’s more fun than producing harsh drawings of unpleasant types such as corrupt politicians. There are an exception or two in these files, but most of the Celebrities he chooses to sketch seem to be — at least to the artist — to be fun, upbeat individuals who enjoy their lives. Which makes them all the more fascinating to interpret.

These images are NOT being offered for sale. We respect the rights of these famous people and do not try to profit from their fame by offering prints or other versions of these images. 

So why have these drawings here??

These faces are included here in part to demonstrate that Dennis can draw people and achieve a resemblance. (These are REAL drawings and NOT just tracings of photographs that so many, many bogus “Caricature” sites offer — look closely at the images on those sites to see what we mean.) If you commission a drawing from us, you get a genuine pen-and-paper artist working on your project, bringing forty-plus years of professional ability to bear. 

You will also find some Political Cartoons on www.DRAWME.com which feature celebrity drawings. Those are done in pure fun rather than as criticisms.  

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