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Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Pack Your Doctor For Your Trip

One day last spring I received a call from a jovial fellow in Cincinnati asking if I could draw him up as a sort of traveling cutout for his customers. What? This was a new one. That was Doctor Della Bella, a dentist wishing to have a cartoon version of himself (Flat Alex) done up…
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Corvette guy!

One of the most fun things about the quick-sketch party biz is the unfiltered thrill little children get from their drawings. Amazing! No social conditioning to get in the way, they are astonished and absolutely gaga (usually!) when their drawing is presented. This little guy was adorable. Loves cars! What else could I do, eh??…
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Classic Champagne Glass Pose

Now and then I sketch someone that seems to need a little pick-me-up — and I just can NOT resist placing her in this classic pose… No complaints yet! Tags: Uncategorized

She’s Kinda Short, So…

Hey, don’t blame me, now… What?? Yes, this request actually came from the husband at a recent party. He’s tall and the wife was NOT there, but she’s vertically challenged… So — oh, heck, here’s the drawing, exactly as he asked — Tags: Uncategorized

Fun Wedding Entertainment

This time of year I am flattered to be invited to draw at a LOT of weddings, usually at the reception following the ceremony, of course… These are always fabulously neat events, with the bride and groom starting out their lives together with a huge public event their friends and family will likely talk about…
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Bowling Pin Caricatures

FUN PROJECT: Bowling pin Caricatures! Like nothing else we have done before. At the bottom of our Testimonials page today… We were asked recently to produce some award items for high school seniors on a bowling team. This is what they asked Dennis to do – Yes! Caricatures on bowling pins! Our friend Jen’s idea,…
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Terrifying Diagnosis

Last winter, about this time, I had a bit of pneumonia. Docs did some scans and X-Rays, gave me antibiotics and all went well. But they kept seeing something here and there that troubled them, and kept calling me back for more tests over the last year. More X-Rays. CT scan. Then another CT scan.…
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