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Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Biden vs. Trump 2020…

Joe Biden takes on President Trump in a big dustup race for the White House

Interview: Caricature Artist Dennis Porter

Caricature artist interview — a brief and fun discussion with Christina Wald of the Cincinnati Illustrator’s group, some time back… It’s weird to BE interviewed after all these thousands of live events, drawing in retail venues and otherwise sketching someone face to face, because the focus is always the other way — I tend to…
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Trade Show? Plan NOW…

This current state of panic and freeze-frame will not last forever, obviously. So let’s plan for success down the road a bit. When, exactly, we can HAVE the next trade show is not certain at this point but let’s be ready to rock when the green light finally shows, right? Right? Sure thing. Because a…
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Research & Parasols

Above is a young doctor going in to research, already serving in the US military– wow, what an ambitious young lady! Rock on there, doc, and thanks for your service! (This was drawn from photos, likely a surprise gift, done with input on her interests to make the sketch more personal…) LIVE drawing! This young…
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NFL Man & St. X Fan

Today we have from the archives a four-minute sketch of a terrific young guy who LOVES football and plans on dominating the National Football League in time to come. This was drawn at the Five Seasons not too long ago. He was really a great kid, I remember. Below, this gentleman was — and is!…
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Gonna Get MARRIED??

Hey, what a big day you have planned, eh? Diane and I had a FABulous time at our wedding & reception. Family, friends, great fun… If I can draw at your reception please advise. It will make for some lovely memories on the walls when you visit those good people who were on hand for…
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Writer & Basket Case

This gentleman was a contributor to the sadly now-defunct Dayton City Paper. I did drawings of the writers and other contributors to the arts weekly that published here for many years… It was destroyed, I hear, in a surprising embezzlement scheme. A shame, too, a great little newspaper now gone… Another studio drawing, color as…
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Order Sketch, Dad’s girl x3

Below is an example of our basic offering on emailed drawings — you send us a photo and I sketch that person’s face, mail it back: $20 total. We pay postage and all, not too bad, maybe? Further down, a color example… Below we have a sample done some time back from a VERY proud…
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Freak Show du jour: Tiger King!

I confess I have NOT watched this limited series of television shows — it sounds like a rolling train wreck of an actual life, not just fiction. Maybe it’s all bogus, who knows? Anyway, here is a fellow who’s apparently enjoying his Fifteen Minutes of Fame — The Tiger King!! Tags: event entertainment

Cute couple, Brietling biker

This young couple were drawn at a Procter & Gamble event and were hilarious, lots of laughs during their four-minute sketch. You have to appreciate good company, even if you just have a short time together, right? This gentleman was just graduating medical school and LOVED his bike and way-upscale watches. Me, I am FAR…
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Team shot, Small to nowhere, Six Pack

After lo these many years at the drawing game I am still consistently thrilled and amazed at the sheer variety of projects that come our way. (The “Our” being Diane here at the office and me at the drawing board.) Here are three fun items including one that did NOT launch… Tags: event entertainment

Child’s Gift, Military Twosome

Tags: event entertainment

Drawing BIDEN! Or Not!

Having been a working caricature artist for about forty (!) years now, there are a few inescapable truths I have stumbled over — or crashed into — along the way. The first is likely the hardest to accept: Resemblance, Like Beauty, is DEFINITELY In The Eye Of The Beholder. Oh yeah! Amen, brother, accept it…
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Mystery Via Japan

Digging around in the chaos of my little home office, trying to find a useable chipboard to place in a sketch going into the mail very soon now — should have been mailed out yesterday — I found a little surprise. — This rather cute young lady’s drawing. Done by myself back in December of…
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Harley Lovers, Times Three

I was recently approached by a gentleman needing a gift for his work colleagues. They were hard to buy for — until he thought of their shared LOVE of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Yes! It took him a bit to find our Cars & Trucks caricature drawings on but once there he knew the gift was…
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This Mistake Can KILL Your Party

Planning an event? A party, company picnic, or maybe a wedding reception? Lotta work, eh? No matter what kind of event you are putting together, there is one vital factor that usually gets little to no attention. And it can cast a pall on the whole effort. As a veteran of thousands of parties please…
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