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Category: Corporate Event Entertainment

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Boost Your Crew’s MORALE

In this ugly and unprecedented time it may be more important than ever for your staff to feel encouraged and appreciated. While I admit to a small bit of bias here, my suggestion is a STAFF CARICATURE! Sure. Have a laugh and let each person have a copy to take home. Here are a few…
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Add Some OFFICE Morale!

How about a boost to the spirit in your office crew?? I can draw the whole gang in one sketch — it’s okay to reproduce it so everyone can have a copy — and you can frame the original and post it for your clients and other visitors to enjoy. Please get in touch today…
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So you hired a quick sketch artist for your big event? Terrific! The layout will probably look something like these images… I speak for all us who work in live entertainment when I beg you most sincerely — PLEASE place us AWAY from the loudspeakers. The noise is brutal, to us AND to your guests.…
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Kiddie Fun at Office Event??

It sometimes appears difficult for professionals to come up with interesting things for the children at the office picnic or other company event. Family entertainment can be a bit challenging, since the same offering as LAST year may not be interesting at all. And of course cost is a factor anytime. So what to do?…
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