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Cartoon City Map?? Yes!

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Cartoon City Map?? Yes!

Music Festival cartoon map

If you have ever considered having a Cartoon City Map of your area (or your hometown?) drawn, let me advise you a bit.

It’s a fun process, but can be stressful, since we must manage my time investment to control your fee.

Less is better, right?



So the real trick is three decisions on your part:

One, choose up front what areas or businesses or other aspects of the map MUST be visible.

Two, decide the limit you can justify spending.

Third, pick your deadline.

Then we would discuss of course. Given those bit of info I would study your area. Maps, photos, history, what it is known for — famous bridges, buildings, sons and daughters from there.

And I will study your list of items to include, along with other obvious landmarks. Then send you an email with a pencil rough.

Like this, maybe:



Runner map pencil

Turkey Trot runner map layout, pencil


Turkey Trot runner map l

Turkey Trot runner map

Then after a bit, you end up with the final art. This example is less complex than most Cartoon City Map projects I have done. For more examples please see my City Maps page elsewhere on — and thanks for reading!



Custom drawings of Cartoon City Maps
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Custom drawings of Cartoon City Maps
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Caricatures by Dennis Porter,Dayton,Ohio-45440,
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Artist draws cartoon version of an area client chooses, such as cities.

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