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Cartoon CAR & TRUCK Drawings

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Get a Dennis Porter cartoon CAR & TRUCK DRAWINGS of YOU with your CAR, TRUCK, Motorcycle

Got WHEELS?? Hey — if you can drive it, Dennis can draw it. With You in the caricature, or just the vehicle — your choice.


TRUE STORY:   Dennis LOVES to draw cars, and other vehicles. A gearhead since the Sixties, his first car was a Plymouth Valiant. Tough little machine, slant six, three on the floor, it was SO tough, even a — (KEEP READING)


Young woman on motorcycle

Wanna RACE That Thing??

TERRIFIC SURPRISE GIFTS! Just send photos of the person to be drawn (clear headshots are best) and photos of the vehicle — Dennis will put them together any way you wish in an unforgettable caricature they will cherish forever.

Rough pencil layout sent for your review first, no cost to you, before price quote.

937-296-9757    937-238-6351 = Text OK


Gullwing Mercedes caricature drawing

Just Need Basic Transportation…

Buick drawings

Man LOVES His Buick classic cars!


Prices on vehicle caricatures vary with the project,

so please submit a description of the kind of image you wish and

Dennis will get a suggested layout sent — free — asap.

Price quoted after layout approved.


Harleys and Watches guy

Gimme a Nice Bike and a Fancy Watch




911 Porsche drawing

Need a Glass of Wine and a Sunny Day…

Chrysler PT Cruiser sketch

PT Cruiser caricature drawing

Austin Healy sketch

 Ad for a gathering of Austin-Healey fans, with caricature drawing of classic Austin-Healey 100 


1935 Auburn drawing

1935 Auburn drawing

FAMILY PORTRAIT: This is the Piper family, seen with Dad’s pride

and joy — his 1935 Auburn. We hear the gang loved their drawings,

done as a surprise gift by the girl in the passenger seat…


Classic car drawings at Lane Motor Museum

Classic car drawings, Lane Motor Museum

ABOVE:  Hey, a surprise gift — to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of this Nashville car museum,

the staff had this composite drawing of the whole crew (and a few cars)

drawn by Dennis as a surprise for Founder and mainstay Jeff Lane and HIS boss,

seen in the green MG at front and center… 



Artist with drawing of cars

Artist Dennis Porter with drawing of cars at museum

Thank you for visiting our CARS & TRUCKS page!

“Thankya! Thankya verra much!”

Elvis Presley in Cadillac caricature

Caricature of Elvis Presley with classic 1959 Cadillac  —  TCB, Baby!!

Harley Davidson with sidecar drawing

Three pals with Harley Davidson / sidecar caricature


Cartoon CAR and TRUCK Drawings
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Cartoon CAR and TRUCK Drawings
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Dennis Porter caricatures, Telephone No.937-296-9757
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Caricatures of you, your car, your truck -- or your FRIEND and their vehicle as surprise gifts
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