Get a Dennis Porter cartoon drawing of YOU with your CAR, TRUCK, Motorcycle

Got WHEELS?? Hey — if you can drive it, he can draw it. With You in the caricature, or just the vehicle — your choice.

TRUE STORY:   Dennis LOVES to draw cars, and other vehicles. A gearhead since the Sixties, his first car was a Plymouth Valiant. Tough little machine, slant six, three on the floor, even a sixteen-year-old teenage boy could not kill that car, it just kept running… A lot of his other cars since then have been more fragile!

One night Dennis drove the Valiant, going fast, up the side of a mountain with three other teenage guys along, just one long, hard run, racing up a steep gravel road for a mile or two. Then right before the summit — the car quit. What?? 

They all got out and raised the hood. They could clearly see the exhaust manifold and pipe, visible in the near-total blackness, RED HOT all the way under the car. Yow! They let the engine cool a while, it started right up, and they drove down the other side of the mountain and did the same exact thing coming back up, going home… Did not hurt the Valiant a bit. If only we all had cars that tough NOW, eh?

TERRIFIC SURPRISE GIFTS! Just send photos of the person to be drawn (clear headshots are best) and photos of the vehicle — Dennis will put them together any way you wish in an unforgettable caricature they will cherish forever. Rough pencil layout sent for your review first, no cost to you, before price quote.

937-296-9757    937-238-6351 = Text OK

Classic cars, Riviera and Roadmaster

Riviera and Roadmaster classic cars, drawn by Dennis Porter

(ABOVE: Fred from Los Angeles LOVES his Buicks. He sold the black convertible to Jay Leno; you can see a video of that car on Jay’s Garage on YouTube: HERE — Also, Here is the Slideshow on the Buick.)

Prices on vehicle caricatures vary with the project, so please submit a description of the kind of image you wish and Dennis will get a suggested layout sent — free — asap. Price quoted after layout approved.

Dr. Albers copy

  cars_chevy Caricature of a Chevrolet SSR. Neat little vehicles!



 This vintage Porsche 911 (below) is drawn with shadow and road surface; you choose whether to include that detail

Vintage 911 Porsche caricature


PT Cruiser with Star Trek fan included… Caricature of car and driver together, drawn from separate photos…

Scott, PT Cruiser art copy




Austin Healey club


Ad for a gathering of Austin-Healey fans, with caricature drawing of classic Austin-Healey 100 

Piper Family +1935 Auburn

FAMILY PORTRAIT: This is the Piper family, seen with Dad’s pride and joy — his 1935 Auburn. We hear the gang loved their drawings, done as a surprise gift by the girl in the passenger seat…

Lane Motor Museum Tenth Anniversary_edited-1

Another surprise gift — to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of this Nashville car museum, the staff had this composite drawing of the whole crew (and a few cars) drawn by Dennis as a surprise for Founder and mainstay Jeff Lane and HIS boss, seen in the green MG at front and center… 

And obviously this fellow digs his farm life, right?

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Thankya! Thankya verra much!Elvis with Cadillac

Caricature of Elvis Presley with classic 1960 Cadillac  —  TCB, Baby!!



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