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Caped Crusaders??

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Caped Crusaders??

Oh, sure! Superheroes line up here, please…

I had great fun at an agency gig booked by my old pal Tad Barney ( — yes, I know he’s the competition, it’s cool…). That was yesterday, Monday, down in Mason. We were required to wear all black, which was refreshing in itself, and then to draw everyone as a superhero. Being me, I took it as far as possible…

Full disclosure: as a teenager my fondest wish was to grow up and go draw for Marvel comics in New York. Passing through the Big Apple in the Army, going to Europe, was scary as all get-out, being all of nineteen years old and alone. So enough of the NY, NY ambitions, eh? But I still love doing that kind of drawing so yesterday was a lot of fun.

Here is one of the shots from that gig. More to come… 

Superheroes caricature

Two pals drawn in the Batmobile

Superhero pals

Caricature in Batmobile

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