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Boost Your Crew’s MORALE

Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Boost Your Crew’s MORALE

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In this ugly and unprecedented time it may be more important than ever for your staff to feel encouraged and appreciated.

While I admit to a small bit of bias here, my suggestion is Get a STAFF CARICATURE Drawing!

Sure. Have a laugh and let each person have a copy to take home.

Here are a few samples of surprise gift drawings from photos,

and sketches of groups and teams you may find interesting.

Please get in touch today!  937-296-9757

Retirement drawing


Caricature of four young ladies

Get Us ALL In There, Now!

Protiviti group drawn live

Protiviti group drawn live

Classic car drawings at Lane Motor Museum

Classic car drawings, Lane Motor Museum

Lawyer ladies

When Do We EAT??

Statue of Liberty

A WAY Surprising Gift

Boost the Crew's Morale
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Boost the Crew's Morale
Get a group caricature done of the family, your work crew, other groups you are a part of
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