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Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

A Day In The (D&D) Life

REPOSTING AN OLD BLOG HERE; A TYPICAL DAY FOR US — Friday I was getting ready to leave for my party way up north of Dayton when I noticed Diane seemed unhappy. Lots to do, but I had to stop and check this out. She is always so upbeat and easily amused. I asked what…
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Well, Hi there, Jack!

At a recent event I had an unusual moment of peace and quiet as the guests finished up their drinks and snacks, so I started the drawing you see here, strictly from memory — One of our favorite actors, eh? Sure thing… No photo source, just winging it a bit. And drawing this reminded me…
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FABulous Interview

Our pal Jean Neuharth of Weddings From The Heart has exquisite taste in her choice of interview subjects… Take a look! Meet The Pros – Interview with Caricatures by Dennis Tags: Uncategorized

Wear RED Day

Today is the official day to WEAR RED, showing support for women’s health issues… Diane dealt with breast cancer a few years ago in her usual fashion — tremendous determination, strength and relentless goofy good humor — going through surgery and endless chemo from that wretched wheelchair. No problems since, BUT some sort of mass…
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Planning a Wedding??

Not an easy task, eh? Lordy, it’s gotta be a lot of work for anyone. And it’s the sort of thing we do not go through OFTEN enough to get good at it, right? (Then again, some people DO go through it kinda frequently, do they not? Anyhow –) No, it’s tough planning a very…
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What Are YOU Working On?

Today on LinkedIn there was a novel little post by a young lady named Kelley, an event planner, telling us her current project list and closing with a question: What are YOU working on? I thought that was a cool question to throw out here and responded with this: Hi Kelley, Thanks for asking! Today…
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Blast From The PAST

Hi Dennis, The other night I was unpacking a couple of boxes containing photos & photo frames when I came across this drawing of me that you did way back in 1991! I was trying to remember when & where this was done. It had to be at something that Kettering Hospital had going on–employee…
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Where’s My KEYS??

So who’s driving anyhow?? I am a diehard gearhead, gang — I have loved cars my whole life as best I can remember… I started driving at age 14 I think when my cousin Gale put me behind the wheel of her ’53 Ford station wagon and I drove — very slowly —  most of…
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Kelly’s Heroes

When I was asked to draw a sort of different family sketch recently, it hit home. This was for the wife, Kelly, going in for surgery for breast cancer, requested by the devoted husband. Great guy who obviously adores his wife. He wanted a sketch of the whole crew for her to have as a…
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Terrifying Diagnosis

Blog Repost: Last winter, about this time, I had a bit of pneumonia. Docs did some scans and X-Rays, gave me antibiotics and all went well. But they apparently kept seeing something here and there that troubled them, and kept calling me back for more tests over the last year. More X-Rays. CAT scan. Then…
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