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Dennis Porter Caricature Artist -- Fun entertainment for parties, trade shows as artist draws quick-sketches of your guests

Heartbreaker Call Back

A letter we received today from a former client was flattering, kind and lucrative. And broke our hearts. I drew at an event at this sweet lady’s home north of here, way back in December of 1986. And apparently did well. She said lovely things in today’s letter about that evening and how glad she…
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Got that Remote Choice??

The OFFICE option — your choice?? As we all know, this last eighteen months or so have been brutal on so many levels. Huge numbers of our colleagues have seen their jobs go away forever, and scores of businesses went under. Sad and tragic. One of the extremely few upsides to the relentless awful news…
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Fifth Grade is AWESOME!

I was recently contacted by Mr. Fleming, a fifth grade teacher in South Carolina who wished to have a graphic made — a BIG one that would fit on his classroom door. He has taught the same group since third grade, if I understood correctly, and works hard to encourage and stay connected with the…
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In Memoriam: Charlie Watts

A fine drummer and a great guy from all reports. RIP Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer Tags: event entertainment

CREATIVE Side Income

 Some GREAT tips on How to Bring in Extra Money via creative abilities — a Guest Blog from Brittany Fisher   How to Make Extra Money With Side Gigs While Pursuing Your Career The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on most people’s finances, especially artists. It made us realize the importance of…
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Simone Biles caricature

One does not see a champion like this very often; she is amazing on all levels. Tags: event entertainment

Olympics, The Long View

Tags: event entertainment

Wedding Gifts They will KEEP

Wedding reception entertainment, quick sketches done at reception to entertain guests

Business and Mortality and You

There are a LOT of wonderful things about being a full time artist, really. From the sheer joy of deciding what you want to do today — draw, write, work up new ideas — to the weird kind of faith that you develop in this position, just quietly expecting calls to come and checks to…
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An IDEA You May Like

There is nothing quite like our little business here — drawing LIVE at parties. And trade shows. And conventions. And wedding receptions. The list goes on. Yes! Drawn live at church picnic Nice Young People, four minute sketch This has been a joyful road, starting back many moons ago in the late seventies in drawing…
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Need An UNUSUAL Drawing?

OFFBEAT REQUESTS — are one of the most fun things about our little business. I have been asked to draw lots of things, including some I declined to do, and some really fun items like these — Below are a pizza ad for Cassano’s and a golf cartoon for an employee and drawings on bowling…
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Children Need MORE

I am blessed to be a professional caricature artist, happily busy and getting the bills paid (with a lot of help from my wife Diane!) for more than twenty years full time now. And there are a lot of  little tricks and work-arounds that you pick up along the way, as you do in any…
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Bass Guitar sketch

Diane and I always enjoyed watching our younger grandson Jake perform with an orchestra, including the Wright State Orchestra while he was in high school. Now he’s 26, has his OSU degree (in three years, don’tcha know?) and well into his career, a professional man. Of course. Anyway here is one of the drawings I…
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A Bit of Bass??

We used to attend a lot of concerts when our youngest grandson, Jake was performing on his cello. And as much as I enjoyed the show and the music I often found myself doodling a bit. Here are a drawing or two that popped up as he hit those notes so perfectly with his colleagues…
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Staff Morale Booster!

We have struggled along for the last year or so without the usual fun (and income!) from Live Drawing. And boy has it been an empty spot on my list — the fun part I am speaking of, not getting out to parties and weddings, conventions, trade shows. And not getting to do the oddball,…
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We are all under a LOT of stress, obviously. We just got through one of the worst years in American history, arguably the most brutal in modern times, and it has taken a huge toll on so many of us. A horrifying illness has made millions of us extremely ill and devastated hundreds of thousands…
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Doc Advice

In the course of a routine exam, my doctor took a deep breath and gave me some memorable advice. “You have a CADILLAC BODY,” he said, “BUT — “ But?? But WHAT?? Okay, more on that in a moment. My exam was routine and no current issues besides the normal problems at this advanced stage…
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What Does DRAWME Offer?

All This And A LOT More Tags: event entertainment

Covid Fixit — Try THIS!

You have skills, goods, services you can offer to shops that can use them.

Boost Your Crew’s MORALE

Group caricature drawings to cheer up your gang, your family, your staff

Job Perk #1

Waiter at Maggiano’s Little Italy, Cincinnati

Schedule THIS, Too!

A BIT OF ADVICE: Don’t WORK so hard, friends! We are going to get through this awful, awful year and roar back into real life very soon. Really, we will. Not soon enough, I admit. But, hey, try to RELAX a bit, please, please. Calm down, okay? I think we are all wound a bit…
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Cartoon City Map?? Yes!

I would study your area. Maps, photos, history, what it is known for — famous bridges, buildings, sons and daughters from there.  And I will study your list of items to include, along with other obvious landmarks. Then send you an email with a pencil rough.

Want a Family Fun Project?

    You want to do something fun. Sure! We all do. And it is NOT easy to find options right now, is it? The current, ongoing Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of going away, sadly, and is just as dangerous as it was back in the winter when this all started. Whatcha gonna do??…
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Girl Pals sketch

ANOTHER MYSTERY SKETCH    Caricature of four girl pals — I have no idea any more who these ladies are, four happy youngsters who wished to be drawn together. Looks a bit like a drawing done from photos (which we offer HERE) rather than sketched live, and apparently I drew it back in 2008. (Dates…
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This drawing was an illustration I did for the book THE ALGONQUIN KID by Michael Colby. Though Arnold Schwarzenegger had not been “discovered” as yet, he was one of a horde of bulked-out bruisers who invaded the hotel and utterly freaked out its upscale tenants…   Tags: Business promotion, DrawMe BLOG, Humorous Illustration


Hey, I do not know about you but lately I am way low on energy. Have to crash for maybe an hour in the afternoons, and still kinda drag around most of the day. Getting sick of it. But what to do? What to do?? Last night the obvious finally occurred to me — do…
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Terrible Things

Let’s focus inward and relax.

Add Some OFFICE Morale!

How about a boost to the spirit in your office crew?? I can draw the whole gang in one sketch — it’s okay to reproduce it so everyone can have a copy — and you can frame the original and post it for your clients and other visitors to enjoy. Please get in touch today…
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Biden vs. Trump 2020…

Joe Biden takes on President Trump in a big dustup race for the White House

Interview: Caricature Artist Dennis Porter

Caricature artist interview — a brief and fun discussion with Christina Wald of the Cincinnati Illustrator’s group, some time back… It’s weird to BE interviewed after all these thousands of live events, drawing in retail venues and otherwise sketching someone face to face, because the focus is always the other way — I tend to…
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Trade Show? Plan NOW…

Tips on planning your next trade show, mistakes to avoid

Fun Drawings, Live or From Photos

Above is a young doctor going in to research, already serving in the US military– wow, what an ambitious young lady! Rock on there, doc, and thanks for your service! (This was drawn from photos, likely a surprise gift, done with input on her interests to make the sketch more personal…) LIVE drawing! This young…
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NFL Man & St. X Fan

Today we have from the archives a four-minute sketch of a terrific young guy who LOVES football and plans on dominating the National Football League in time to come. This was drawn at the Five Seasons not too long ago. He was really a great kid, I remember. Below, this gentleman was — and is!…
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Gonna Get MARRIED??

Hey, what a big day you have planned, eh? Diane and I had a FABulous time at our wedding & reception. Family, friends, great fun… If I can draw at your reception please advise. It will make for some lovely memories on the walls when you visit those good people who were on hand for…
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Writer & Basket Case

This gentleman was a contributor to the sadly now-defunct Dayton City Paper. I did drawings of the writers and other contributors to the arts weekly that published here for many years… It was destroyed, I hear, in a surprising embezzlement scheme. A shame, too, a great little newspaper now gone… Another studio drawing, color as…
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Order Sketch, Dad’s girl x3

Below is an example of our basic offering on emailed drawings — you send us a photo and I sketch that person’s face, mail it back: $20 total. We pay postage and all, not too bad, maybe? Further down, a color example… Below we have a sample done some time back from a VERY proud…
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Freak Show du jour: Tiger King!

I confess I have NOT watched this limited series of television shows — it sounds like a rolling train wreck of an actual life, not just fiction. Maybe it’s all bogus, who knows? Anyway, here is a fellow who’s apparently enjoying his Fifteen Minutes of Fame — The Tiger King!! Tags: event entertainment

Cute couple, Brietling biker

This young couple were drawn at a Procter & Gamble event and were hilarious, lots of laughs during their four-minute sketch. You have to appreciate good company, even if you just have a short time together, right? This gentleman was just graduating medical school and LOVED his bike and way-upscale watches. Me, I am FAR…
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Team shot, Small to nowhere, Six Pack

After lo these many years at the drawing game I am still consistently thrilled and amazed at the sheer variety of projects that come our way. (The “Our” being Diane here at the office and me at the drawing board.) Here are three fun items including one that did NOT launch… Tags: event entertainment

Child’s Gift, Military Twosome

Tags: event entertainment

Maybe a REAL Surprise Gift??

A wacko sketch — drawn from photos — to fit this fellow’s interests, from loving the film GLADIATOR to a few experiences at work he still catches flak about… Note the banana in the tree, eh? I hear he loved it… Tags: Business promotion, DrawMe BLOG

Mystery Via Japan

Digging around in the chaos of my little home office, trying to find a useable chipboard to place in a sketch going into the mail very soon now — should have been mailed out yesterday — I found a little surprise. — This rather cute young lady’s drawing. Done by myself back in December of…
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Too Much Talk??

Just over a month ago I received an inquiry about a few studio drawings intended as Christmas gifts for family. Sure thing! We discussed it, of course — one large group sketch of almost twenty people, plus two full body drawings of young children… Normally I do up rough layouts and email those over so…
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A Day In The (D&D) Life

REPOSTING AN OLD BLOG HERE; A TYPICAL DAY FOR US — Friday I was getting ready to leave for my party way up north of Dayton when I noticed Diane seemed unhappy. Lots to do, but I had to stop and check this out. She is always so upbeat and easily amused. I asked what…
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Well, Hi there, Jack!

At a recent event I had an unusual moment of peace and quiet as the guests finished up their drinks and snacks, so I started the drawing you see here, strictly from memory — One of our favorite actors, eh? Sure thing… No photo source, just winging it a bit. And drawing this reminded me…
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FABulous Interview

Our pal Jean Neuharth of Weddings From The Heart has exquisite taste in her choice of interview subjects… Take a look! Meet The Pros – Interview with Caricatures by Dennis Tags: DrawMe BLOG

Wear RED Day

Today is the official day to WEAR RED, showing support for women’s health issues… Diane dealt with breast cancer a few years ago in her usual fashion — tremendous determination, strength and relentless goofy good humor — going through surgery and endless chemo from that wretched wheelchair. No problems since, BUT some sort of mass…
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Planning a Wedding??

Not an easy task, eh? Lordy, it’s gotta be a lot of work for anyone. And it’s the sort of thing we do not go through OFTEN enough to get good at it, right? (Then again, some people DO go through it kinda frequently, do they not? Anyhow –) No, it’s tough planning a very…
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What Are YOU Working On?

Today on LinkedIn there was a novel little post by a young lady named Kelley, an event planner, telling us her current project list and closing with a question: What are YOU working on? I thought that was a cool question to throw out here and responded with this: Hi Kelley, Thanks for asking! Today…
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