How About a TV Ad?

Please see if you think this television commercial is working for our little party business. Your opinion counts, so get in touch if you have time, and let us know what you think. What should we do differently next time? It is working, response is positive, so we are happy about that. Thank you for checking this out!   http://  

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Sign for live caricatures

Do The Drawings WHERE ??

In all these many years of live drawing at fun events I have seen some interesting, unique concepts for various gatherings. On one occasion the hosts had maybe six artists including me, drawing outdoors in the blazing, broiling sun. No tents, no shade, no whining. Wanna get paid? Get out there! And we did. Anything for a buck, eh? It was awful, the sun on the paper and the sheer heat and humidity were daunting. At another, I was instructed to sit on the basketball court — against the wall behind the hoop. Where the kids would dribble and take shots at the hoop! Yow! I whined the host into… Read More

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Caricature of Mercedes gullwing and man

Surprise Gift, Drawing From Photo

Having JUST finished a rather large Drawing From Photos project — will share that in a week or two — this item came to mind. So I am shamelessly reposting it here. These really ARE the Ultimate Surprise Gifts. Thanks for reading!   Diane’s brother Mike, out in Los Angeles area, came up with an idea for  his pal, a fellow musician. Mike wanted to give him a special gift the fellow would absolutely LOVE — a drawing of him playing his favorite guitar. So Mike emailed photos of the gentleman and his very specific six-string. I did up a rough pencil layout for Mike to review and approve and… Read More

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Caricature of Mick Jagger

San Diego con, 2000

At ONE time we had NEVER been to a Caricature Artists Convention. Never! And they just sounded so cool, we wanted to go really badly. Then — we finally did, just as I quit my real job and launched into this madness full-time. Coming up on 22-23 years ago. And never been late with a bill, either, thanks to Diane’s financial wizardry. Survived Y2K, 9-11,  the 2008 meltdown and now Covid. We are still here, and way, way grateful for our good fortune along the way. And even more grateful we still have each other after lo these many years. She’s the perfect wife and partner. ANYWAY I found this… Read More

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After all these years it is still tremendously satisfying to hear about a Stealth Sketch (done from a photo) that presents well. We got this nice note after the image seen here was presented to the subject. “Hi Dennis, You were the hit of the party. Everyone loved your capture of Marty.  Thanks very much,” Barbara No, Barbara, thank you. Great fun on all levels. What a job, eh?

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Drawing of young couple at party

Hey, Ya Drew Me BEFORE!

I had a fun time yesterday at the Dayton Country Club, sketching a series of five-year-olds. I was invited to provide a bit of Party entertainment fun with live drawings. The children were cute as all get-out and I will post some of those photos (with OKs from the moms of course) shortly. A gentleman was there doing photos as a courtesy to the guests and said, “Hey, I think you were at Doug Mann’s party!” Doug is a local attorney as you likely know, with Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schultz. And just a great guy, he and wife Beth are terrific people. So Mr. Chen had his drawing on his… Read More

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Fun couple at event with their drawing

LOTS Going On!

This Covid-19 disaster may finally, finally be passing us by, gentle reader, and not a moment too soon. Hundreds of thousands of deaths, unbelievable numbers of long-haul Covid sufferers and the list goes on. You do not need me to tell you these things of course. And with the vaccines — Thank God — we may be coming to the Endgame at last. One way we can tell is the little business Diane and I have here,, in which I draw quick-sketches live and from photos in our little studio. Normally we get an inquiry about four or five times a week and keep nicely busy. Not overwhelmed, happily,… Read More

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Map of Dayton Ohio Oregon district

FREE drawings Sunday!

Hey, do you have plans for Sunday afternoon??? Please, come join me in Dayton’s Oregon District for the Hoopla Family Event  March 13. The whole festival is 2-7 pm — and I will be drawing from 2-6 pm. Hey, the price is right! There is going to be a LOT going on; see attached graphic. I will be drawing live (FREE!) in a tent down near the train trestle near the Neon Movies intersection at Patterson. Organizers for Hoopla Family Event are funding the operation so please stop by. Gonna be a LOT of fun!

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View of Artist drawing three young guys

Drawing Live as Party Entertainment

THE CALLS ARE COMING BACK  — And I can not TELL you how happy that makes me! What a gig — drawing live as party entertainment! Not just for the income, now,  but even more because it is just a blast to go to the various events — parties, wedding receptions, conventions, trade shows, company picnics — and DRAW everybody! Yow! These photos popped up from a previous time frame, before Covid, before politics were quite so toxic and loathsome, when we were pretty much in normal life. And it was a fun event, too, as was most of routine life back then. Times change, eh? Sad to say. I… Read More

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Drawing of four people at wedding

How’s YOUR Business??

SLOWLY COMING BACK; HOW ABOUT YOU?? Our live-drawing business is getting back on its feet, happily, after more than two years seeming almost dead in the water. Somehow the lack of income has not been a problem (smart wife-manager here) but I have really missed the fun and challenges of quick-sketching at parties, weddings and trade shows. Calls are finally picking up lately and I am more than grateful. How about YOUR business? Back to normal yet?

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