— With Profound Apologies to Norman Rockwell

Caricature Artist Dennis Porter has drawn

well over 300,000 faces (and counting),

entertaining with live quick-sketches at

thousands of parties, trade shows and other functions

in more than forty years as a professional caricature artist.


Porter served honorably in the US Army

and has worked as a newspaper reporter,

columnist and editor. Along the way he has

written five books and a play or two,

been a professional public speaker

and failed miserably at standup comedy.


A lightning fast, fun and upbeat caricature artist,

Porter’s Quick-Sketches are
much in demand as party entertainment,

convention booth entertainment

and trade show entertainment.


His drawings have appeared on television,

in newspapers, books and magazines.



“One of my most fun jobs,” the artist said, “was drawing actors in plays

as they performed on stage. The sketches were published in

The Dayton City Paper next to the play reviews.  It was great fun. Fabulous!”



Caricature Artist Dennis Porter has been interviewed

on every television station in the Dayton area.


In other TV efforts, he hosted “MEET THE KIDS,”

drawing young patients at  Children’s Medical Center.

The show gave children facing tough issues a moment

of fun and a chance to appear on television.


Another was hosting “TALENT With Dennis Porter,”

on local TV featuring gifted young performers

demonstrating their skills in the arts.


Clients are often surprised to find Porter’s live sketching

works well at children’s birthday parties,

regardless of age.  Dennis has drawn at

children’s FIRST birthday parties — and it worked. Really!


Mr. Porter said his wife Diane is the secret weapon

in the success of their business.

“She is a TERRIFIC partner!,” he said. “Diane is a genius at

business issues — and I am NOT!  She does all the hard stuff, and I just

have to draw. What a great deal!”


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