Young women working in restaurant, seen with their caricature drawings

My wife and I go out to restaurants

and upscale bars for meals WAY too often,

and like anyone else we must wait our turn for seats a lot of the time.


Once, however, we had others with us and a time crunch — so I approached

the young lady at the front desk and gave her my card.

You draw Caricatures? Really?

“Sure thing,” I said, “and if you can get us seated in about five minutes

 I will draw your picture. Free of course.”


She did, and I did, and drew her friend as well.

They loved their sketches!

And allowed me to take a photo.


No harm, no foul and we made it to our other appointment, how about that?

Man, over these many, many years I have traded my little

Two Minutes a Person drawings for hotel rooms,

eyeglasses, dental work, clothing, movie tickets, play tickets,

printing and numerous other benefits

that slip my overtaxed mind right now.


What fun, eh? I am grateful!

Young ladies working in restaurant, with their drawings, done live

Can Ya Draw Us BOTH??

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