Before – During – And ANNIVERSARY??

Anniversary sketch of young couple, color, done from photos


One of my favorite aspects of this caricature world is WEDDINGS!

 I often get to draw The Invitation image,

do Live Drawings on the Big Day,

have my studio Guest Sign board there (usually getting signatures around the mat)

and — now and then — get to do an Anniversary drawing down the line.

The cool part is these are very, very PERSONAL items.

We all love our faces, regardless of our “Looks,” really like seeing ourselves as cartoon drawings.

So these tend to live forever, somewhere in that person’s world — Your World

if this is going to be your wedding, eh?

Anyway it is all great, great fun for me and hopefully for every last person

who gets sketched along the way.

Let me show you some of those image, okay?? This first item is OUR wedding invitation

Bride and groom caricature in BW

This is actually US, Diane and me, Denny, from our wedding…   

( I showed the original drawing to Diane and she said it looked like HER… “But this guy’s eighteen years old!”

We were both about forty-five then.

Which made me realize I had learned to draw myself in my wasted teenybopper years, eh?

I had to redo that image… Ha!)

Color caricature sketch of bride and groom

Color sketch, bride and groom, done way ahead of time from their photos…


Drawing of bride and groom done as FUN Wedding Reception Entertainment

Large BW of bride and groom for guests to sign, usually on the mat as seen here…


Couple being drawn at their wedding

Live sketching at the Big Event… Yow!

Bride and groom
Piece of Cake…  This was  imprinted at bottom of their sketch paper  for me to do live drawing at their Tenth Anniversary party — I was privileged to be there for the wedding then back again ten years later… Lucky me, eh??

Anniversary sketch of young couple, color, done from photos
Our  ANNIVERSARY  already??   Has It Been That Long??

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