Young lady, 2 Min drawing

Caricature of lady as captain of ship

Be the CAPTAIN of your ship, right??

It’s endless fun to meet new people at a live event. We have a VERY short time to talk while I try to get a resemblance but it’s frequently interesting and always a great experience — well, okay, ALMOST ALWAYS a great experience!

This young lady was perfectly charming, as are pretty much all the guests at my parties.

In all these thousands of  events (of all kinds) there have been extremely few difficult moments. It happens, sure. You have had a friction or two at your job, too, now and then, don’t you? I bet…

Usually the trouble in my world comes from too much free alcohol — or when I am trying to stop after my time is up.

Still, not too many of those ugly moments in all this time. A few rough spots in How Many Years??

Since the Seventies??

I got NOTHING to complain about, do I? Ha!

Caricature of Young lady, 2 Min drawing

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