Unique Gift for Guests

Events are unbelievably demanding on the host, the person planning that wedding, company party, picnic, birthday party.

I have been to thousands of such gatherings over the years and watched with sympathetic support

as that person worked tirelessly to keep everything working for the good of all.

Food, drinks, sound system, DJs, bands, lighting — as in “Wow, hey, it’s all up to ME here, isn’t it??”

Stress, stress, stress!!

You can see them alternate between having a laugh and

switching into crisis mode — or panic! — when things start to go sideways.


Usually of course, all is fine and I end up drawing

that lady or that guy with their other half

at the very END of the gathering.

Exhausted, slumping in the chair, having a drink and laughing with relief.


Sure! Entertaining on that level is a tough gig, friends, and my hat is off to those brave hosts!

I have done what I could at every party and wedding and all to keep everyone happy.

Sure thing! That’s my job and I love it, man…

The sketches seen here were done live of course,

gifts from the hosts to their guests via my fee — never a cost to the guests

of course, or trying for tips (tacky!).

Great fun for the whole crowd, one hopes, and for me as well.

Caricature of three generations, child, mom, grandma, drawn live at event

Caricature of lady playing piano, sign indicates lesson being given on cruise ship

Ship’s crew theme party  — Piano Lady!

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