Live Drawings with EXTRA

I was happy to be invited back to draw a group of ladies again this year, for a repeat performance on my part going back years now.

These women gather to do stage acts, from line dancing to little skits — I believe — in competition with other groups. Prizes are awarded after those events.

So then when they have the more casual gatherings where I draw, they are crowded around a dining room table about ten feet away from my board, playing cards and talking and laughing WAY LOUD continuously.

Meantime the subject — almost always posing for a single person drawing — is trying to tell me what their interest is to get the sketch done. It’s hard to hear!

And I can not tell you how much fun it all is. These are ladies of a certain age, who adore each other and know how to have a good time. 

One of the interesting aspects for me is these are not my usual party drawings. I started out doing these full body, action poses and gradually scaled back to drawing faces only for most of my events (at least for adults) to try and get more people done quickly. So it is really neat to hear what they like to do and work up an interesting pose or angle or prop to show that interest, hopefully in a clever and amusing way. MAYBE!!

Anyhow, gang — Here are a few of their sketches;  all these drawings had a NAUTICAL theme this year —

Caricature of lady playing piano, sign indicates lesson being given on cruise shipCaricature of lady as captain of ship

— And there were a LOT more. Below are a few sketches from a previous visit with the same delightful group.

Circus Fun
Out For a Walk…


Circus caricature
Ringmaster Girl!


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