FREE Caricature Drawings! Come On By!

View of Artist drawing three young guys

Free Caricature of YOU!


Hi gang — Please join us Friday, 4 August in Downtown Dayton’s Courthouse Square.


I will be there,

sponsored by the Downtown Dayton Partnership

 11:30 am — 1 pm.

How about a Free caricature? 

Really, no strings… Free caricature drawings, live sketching.


Fast as Two Minutes a Person, with a bit of chatter thrown in — also at no cost.

You can’t go wrong! Please stop by… 

LAST TIME I drew here via the Downtown Dayton Partnership

we had a marriage proposal. Yes!

Joy, tears, fun stuff.   So do stop by — ya never know. 

BELOW: Pics from Last Time —

She said yes, happy couple

She said Yes!


Photo of caricature artist Dennis Porter drawing live at party

Free caricature drawings, artist setup

Photo of Courthouse Square, Dayton, Ohio with artist's setup for live sketching

Proposal moment drawing, pencil to ink

After Forty-some years of doing caricature drawings at ALL kinds of events,

I can tell you straight-out that Live Quick-Sketching is sure to be a uniquely joyful experience for your guests.

And a fun one.

That sounds like good old self-promotion there, I know — and it is — but I promise you it’s the truth. 

The artist does not have to be me.

There are MANY fine talents out there who will make your event very, very special via their skill and hard work. 

And personalities!  Most of us are very sociable, keeping that person speaking to us

by asking about their world, their work, their families — and that is a TRICK you learn.

Why do we talk to the subject??

To keep them looking our way, of course. Ha!

I digress here, but if you are planning an event, a party, picnic, wedding reception or business gathering — Please consider

having a caricature artist there to liven things up. Free caricature drawings, at hourly rates. Great fun!

Your guests will never forget it — and neither will you. Enjoy!

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