SHOW AN INTEREST — It is WAY important to have friends at work. Your job is important and your pay is important, of course. Absolutely. And your Enjoyment of the time you must invest is also very important. Those hours can be far, far more pleasant with genuine friendships among your coworkers. That is pretty easily created for most of us, one would hope, but for the occasional friction-contact relationship, try this: gently ask about their interests.

Yes. Maybe they are sports fans. Or collect stamps. Or love the library. You never know…

This nice lady is in a wacko dance group — boy, they are a fun bunch; I met them all and drew them — and her character is a Fortune Teller. We had a brief, fun chat about all that.

So. If there is a person in your workplace that seems unhappy to be there, it may be you can help ease their discomfort. We ALL like to talk about ourselves at least a little. Ya think?

Fortune teller caricature
What’s In YOUR Future??

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