Just ASK For It

JUST ASK FOR IT — We often fear going too far in our contacts with others, on all levels, from parents to the casual stranger in a store to business meetings. No one wants to seem rude or pushy, of course. In negotiations that can kill a promising deal, absolutely.

But it is also important to be clear. To communicate. To tell the other party what we want. Sometimes that feels way awkward. It should not feel that way. If our hearts are in the right place, we are simply sharing that information.

So go ahead.

Do it. Ask for that raise. Raise your prices. Tell the other party you DO want things that way.

Speak your mind with clarity and conviction — in a soft voice, with perfect manners of course — and chances are you WILL get what you want. Drawing of older laptop with screen reading, CAN WE MAKE A DEAL HERE??

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