How To Be More POPULAR

A study I read on what we find ATTRACTIVE about other people turned up some rather surprising data.

Turns out there is One Quality which is FAR more important than looks, money, social status, where we grew up, and pretty much everything else. Even our health!

Those of us blessed with this bit of personal Magic tend to be extremely popular with all age groups and income levels, to the point where it is more important than absolutely anything else in life, as far as getting more people in your orbit. (And presumably, getting what you wish from them, eh?)

So what IS this incredible quality, you would ask.
It is — Happiness. The real thing. Happiness. Must be authentic — no faking, no pretending, no acting. Those individuals who truly ENJOY their lives and are actually Happy every day will have endless friends and supporters.

Personally, I see that daily in my amazing little wife, Diane.
Suffers with MS, has had a power wheelchair full time for about twenty years now, lots of discomfort, her hands not working well at all — yet she LOVES her life and everyone in it. And she is wildly popular everywhere we go. Lots of laughs along the way…

There is a life lesson in there for all of us, friends, in my humble opinion.
(Here is our Wedding Invitation, the first one I ever drew.)

Bride and groom caricature in BW
This is actually US, Diane and me, Denny, from our wedding…

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