Start With a Firm Vision

Young boy, drawing a Ninja

SUCCESS FORMULA — Sometimes, drawing live at parties, I feel like some version of a bartender. Or a psychologist! 

There are times when the other person shares their difficulties with me, and I always try and help if I can. We obviously only have a very brief time, since my sketches can be as fast as two minutes a person, but maybe being rushed actually helps the process.  

I am thinking of an experience with a group I draw every summer, a church gathering. 

A couple I had sketched the year before sat down, both happy to see me, smiling. And they both immediately thanked me for helping them. 

My memory is always pretty spotty, sorry to say, and I was unsure what they meant. The husband explained that the year before they had both just lost employment and were at odds on what to do, when I drew them.

My advice had been something like, take a little time, mediate, think it all through, sort out your feelings. Then, follow your heart and when you know what you really WANT, make a firm, firm decision on getting to that goal. 

And it had worked for them both, I am happy to report. 

The heart of that obviously is having a clear, precise goal and committing to the effort. Right? Once the vision is in place and your energy is directed firmly, things start to happen. 

After that the only real challenge is sticking with the program. Stubbornness can be an asset there!

The other factor in this little success formula is this: Stay Happy. There is some weird magic to that emotional state — it pulls good things to us. Maybe that Law of Attraction thing is for real, eh?

Anyway I have had a number of similar experiences over the years, hearing about some level of encouragement from me being useful to the other party. Hearing those stories always makes my day!

(The young guy in this drawing came to mind, since he wants to grow up to be both an artist and a martial art expert, likely in karate.) 

Caricature of young boy drawing a Ninja with huge pencil

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