Surprise Gift, Drawing From Photo

Caricature of Mercedes gullwing and man

Having JUST finished a rather large Drawing From Photos project — will share that in a week or two — this item came to mind.

So I am shamelessly reposting it here. These really ARE the Ultimate Surprise Gifts.

Thanks for reading!


Diane’s brother Mike, out in Los Angeles area, came up with an idea for  his pal, a fellow musician. Mike wanted to give him a special gift the fellow would absolutely LOVE — a drawing of him playing his favorite guitar.

So Mike emailed photos of the gentleman and his very specific six-string. I did up a rough pencil layout for Mike to review and approve and then a detailed pencil with resemblance. Also approved. Then the BW and finally the color…

We hear now that Nate and his wife were both VERY surprised — and utterly adored the sketch. A successful surprise gift! Great to hear!

pencil layout guitar player

Guitar man in action

Rock on, young man…

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