Do The Drawings WHERE ??

In all these many years of live drawing at fun events I have seen some interesting, unique concepts for various gatherings.

On one occasion the hosts had maybe six artists including me, drawing outdoors in the blazing, broiling sun.

No tents, no shade, no whining.

Wanna get paid? Get out there!

And we did. Anything for a buck, eh?

It was awful, the sun on the paper and the sheer heat and humidity were daunting.

At another, I was instructed to sit on the basketball court — against the wall behind the hoop.

Where the kids would dribble and take shots at the hoop! Yow!

I whined the host into a safer spot.

I taught a class and did drawings inside a prison.

I drew at a SEVENTIES party.

Everyone dressed as Seventies characters — Elvises, at various ages, Mary Tyler Moore, the M*A*S*H actors…

It was great fun!

This Saturday I will draw at a wedding

— always a marvelous experience — and in a Bank Vault. Yes. I do hope it does not close up on us! Sign for live caricatures

Speaking of weddings, I have sketched at weddings and receptions of all types.

From over-the-top $50,000 evenings to low-cost affairs in basements. And they were all great fun.


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