San Diego con, 2000

Caricature of Mick Jagger

At ONE time we had NEVER been to a Caricature Artists Convention. Never!

And they just sounded so cool, we wanted to go really badly.

Then — we finally did, just as I quit my real job and launched into this madness full-time.

Coming up on 22-23 years ago. And never been late with a bill, either, thanks to Diane’s financial wizardry.

Survived Y2K, 9-11,  the 2008 meltdown and now Covid.

We are still here, and way, way grateful for our good fortune along the way.

And even more grateful we still have each other after lo these many years.

She’s the perfect wife and partner.

ANYWAY I found this old sketch book the other day with the attached images, bringing back lots of smiles for us.

The one sketch signed by our old pal Mel Lothrop is dated 2002.

I hope you all enjoy them as well.

Notes from Caricature conventionFour sketches from artists conventionCaricature of Tad BarneyCaricatures of unknown subjectsCaricature of unknown subjectCaricature of Mick Jagger

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