Hey, Ya Drew Me BEFORE!

Drawing of young couple at party

I had a fun time yesterday at the Dayton Country Club, sketching a series of five-year-olds. I was invited to provide a bit of Party entertainment fun with live drawings.

The children were cute as all get-out and I will post some of those photos (with OKs from the moms of course) shortly.

A gentleman was there doing photos as a courtesy to the guests and said, “Hey, I think you were at Doug Mann’s party!”

Doug is a local attorney as you likely know, with Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schultz. And just a great guy, he and wife Beth are terrific people.

So Mr. Chen had his drawing on his phone photos and shared that with us, then was kind enough to email to me later.

Drawing of young couple at party

This was drawn back in 2015, at Doug and Beth’s birthday party for their daughter.

Anyway it was fun seeing this drawing again and dealing with a LOT of little children. Good day!

What a job, eh??


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