LOTS Going On!

Fun couple at event with their drawing

This Covid-19 disaster may finally, finally be passing us by, gentle reader, and not a moment too soon.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths, unbelievable numbers of long-haul Covid sufferers and the list goes on. You do not need me to tell you these things of course.

And with the vaccines — Thank God — we may be coming to the Endgame at last.

One way we can tell is the little business Diane and I have here, www.drawme.com, in which I draw quick-sketches live and from photos in our little studio.

Normally we get an inquiry about four or five times a week and keep nicely busy. Not overwhelmed, happily, but with enough going on to feel successful and like we are benefiting someone, somewhere most all the time.

Until — you guessed it — spring of 2020. Sure. You too??

The phone stopped ringing, email slacked off, events began to cancel. So sorry, will not need your services. Will keep your information… On and on.

Two bleeding years ago.

We had begun to think our little biz was bulletproof. Yes. We got through 9-11 without a hitch. The economic meltdown of 2008, fine, all good. Various demonstrations, riots, uproars, political fiascos did not touch us.

Then it just — stopped.

My wife Diane is a bit of a financial wizard. We did fine somehow, even though the income dropped by maybe 90 percent.

No effort to cut back on spending, either, just bounce on through the day and do what we wish, buy what we need, cruise onward.

It worked out fine on that end. But the FUN of drawing live, well, no. Gone and boy have I missed it.

We did luck out with a few sizeable studio jobs along the way, which helped of course.

In any case, if all keeps on track as it is now, with lots and lots of calls and emails — well, maybe we are back. Ya think? I sure hope so, and I pray that your world has also come back for you.

Enjoy spring, friends!!

Fun couple at event with their drawingThree pals with their sketch

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