Drawing Live as Party Entertainment

View of Artist drawing three young guys

THE CALLS ARE COMING BACK  — And I can not TELL you how happy that makes me! What a gig — drawing live as party entertainment!

Not just for the income, now,  but even more because it is just a blast to go to the various events — parties, wedding receptions, conventions, trade shows, company picnics — and DRAW everybody!

Yow! These photos popped up from a previous time frame, before Covid, before politics were quite so toxic and loathsome, when we were pretty much in normal life.

And it was a fun event, too, as was most of routine life back then. Times change, eh? Sad to say.

I never get tired of drawing live as party entertainment. It is like nothing else I have experienced, gets a few laughs, makes almost everyone I draw happy — a good thing for everyone involved.

I deeply hope some kind of Normal is actually on the horizon at last. Fingers crossed, right?? Thank you for reading!!

View of Artist drawing three young guys 

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