Full body Quick Sketches

Birthday Party!

Fun, boisterous crowd last night at a Fiftieth Party for Tammy, a delightful young lady who was out for a GREAT evening…  She had invited me to do caricatures as Birthday party entertainment, of course. I was booked to draw at her WEDDING last year, and Covid-19 crashed that party. Alas.

She and her many friends made up for that with lots of wild dancing and uproar. Lots of laughs on all fronts, from beginning to end. Four hours of partying for her and guests, while I drew almost everyone. Then squeezed in one more afterward, a sketch of Tammy and her lucky guy.

Somehow I decided to do Full Body sketches for this crowd and it worked out wonderfully, based on the responses. Each one took maybe five minutes or so. More images to come, but this couple was hilarious for a start here —

Crazy Irish guy etc
She loves Horses, he is NUTS for Irish culture