Wedding Venue BAD Choices

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One of the major headaches for some couples planning their big day is going over the wedding venue choices.

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There are a LOT of factors required to be in that mix, so let’s try to list some of the most important ones to help your decision-making along. This is not a small thing, since the wedding overall is likely to cost $29,000-$31,000 on average, according to Wedding Stats. 

Weddings are now a $48 billion industry (yes!), so obviously getting married is quite an investment on every level. But for now, let us focus on choosing the right place to tie the knot. It has to fit your style, your wedding party and guest list size and — somehow — still be within your budget. Nearly half all couples will end up going OVER budget for the wedding and that is not good, not getting off on the right foot. A bit of planning can help.

Wedding venues cost couples anywhere from $1,800 to $13,400, on average. As a rule of thumb, the venue should cost no more than half your total budget for the wedding. Wedding venue choices are many and varied. We will try and help point you in the right direction here.

You can also get a huge amount of great advice from Jeannie at Weddings From The Heart, absolutely. (None of these links profit us; we believe they will serve you well.)

Traditionally the family of the bride pays for the venue.

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In getting your thoughts together, the two of you should have a meeting and make a list which will include: 

Total budget

Top choices for location

Top choices for wedding date

Approximate guest count

Activities (dancing, games, music, food)

Will you want separate ceremony and reception spaces? 

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A few things to consider in making the venue choice —

1: The venue may have a specific list of vendors they will allow to work on their property. If you will not be allowed to choose your ideal wedding planner, video wizard, florist, entertainer or photographer, it may be best to choose another venue.

2. Location, location, location! Your guests will be able to find almost any location with GPS these days, but to play it safe, try to have your big event in a well-known place, or located on a main road at least. The less difficulty in finding your big event, the better.  (Diane and I included a little map in our invitations.)

3. Ask about extra fees not included in the price estimate. Does the venue charge for parking or have other hidden costs?

4. Ask about payment plan options, cancellation fees, and deposit refunds. 

5. Finally, you may wish to look at the website Wedding Spot — it provides wedding venue quotes with all major fees included.  Good luck out there!