Got that Remote Choice??

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The OFFICE option — your choice??
As we all know, this last eighteen months or so have been brutal on so many levels. Huge numbers of our colleagues have seen their jobs go away forever, and scores of businesses went under. Sad and tragic.
One of the extremely few upsides to the relentless awful news has been the rise of the Remote Office. And now a new wrinkle or two has evolved. More than one business has found itself struggling to fill jobs and thus working to keep its staffers happy – and offering them the option of continuing to work at home.
A professional man we know has received his first pay increase in a LONG time and been told he has the choice of coming to the office or continuing from his home.
And on a more personal note, we find a young relative to be struggling with a bit of anxiety and insomnia lately, which he thinks may be related to the isolation of the Remote Office. He has the choice, too, and found going in to the office was helpful recently, found himself calmer and more relaxed afterward.
Who would have thought their workplace would help anyone relax back in 2019, eh?
How about you? Still doing the Remote Office?

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